Law of attraction- your how-to guide

When people talk about the law of attraction, it can all sound a bit like a crock of sh*t.

The concept was all the rage in 2006, when every second person was reading The Secret, which explained how to attract anything you want.

I’m a curious guy, so for me I needed to take things one step further than just watching a DVD, and I’m happy to tell you that after years of research and interviewing Dr John Demartini from The Secret, there is absolutely a science that backs up the law of attraction. Even Tony Robbins, Oprah, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conor McGregor and Denzel Washington swear by it. But hey, what do they know?

Let me break down some of the theory and lingo:

The law of attraction is basically a phenomenon where what you think, you end up getting. Kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Affirmations are something you tell yourself everyday, to help reinforce what you do or don’t want. This ties into the concept of self-talk and how our subconscious is influenced by our thoughts and feelings, so it’s a pretty standard concept in psychology.

Visualising is a bit self-explanatory- you picture something you want and imagine what it’s gonna look and feel like when you get it.

And finally, manifesting is when you use the law of attraction to bring about your desired results. Yew!

So this is all well and good, some simple changes to mindset, a bit of determination. But, how does it affect the world around you?

Well, let me give you a little lesson in quantum physics.
Basically, there’s a famous experiment where scientists looked at the nitty gritty of our world. They went smaller than molecules and cells, smaller than atoms, and looked at the electrons that make up atoms.

When the electron was in the vacuum being observed, scientists realised it would behave entirely differently depending on if it was being watched and who was watching it.
Now these electrons make up atoms which make up every single thing in the world around us.

Money is made from electrons, the love of your life is made of electrons, your body too.
When we look at the world around us differently, it starts a chain reaction where our brain waves change, we release different chemicals, and our electrons behave differently.

This has a huge chain reaction on the outside world, which explains why what you think affects what happens to you.

Law of attraction- your how-to guide

I should know, I’ve experienced it first hand.

I experienced a stroke a few years back, that left me with short term memory loss. Everyday, I repeated a few commandments back to myself. I told myself “I have a photographic memory, everything I see, hear, smell, taste and touch I recall with crystal clear accuracy”.

I wanted to make sure I was focused on a specific goal, and I was influencing my own subconscious mind and actions, as well as the world around me.

The doctors told me parts of my brain would never grow back. This year I got a brain scan- and what do you know, my brain has fully recovered.

I’ve also met more than my fair share of interesting people over the years, and I hear a lot of “I just knew I was going to crack it. I came from nothing, but something inside me told me I was gonna do great things”.

Those people have created no room for doubt in their mind, they know what they want and that it’s coming to them. And it does.

I also hear “But I came from nothing, I was never going to get far in life. I know that certain things are out of reach for me”.

I promise you, people who tell me that and more importantly, tell themselves, have never proved themselves wrong.

So, if you want to attract the things you’ve always wanted, there’s a few things you can do starting right now.

  • Tune into your energy. Your heart, gut, and brain all contain an incredible amount of neurons that send energy back and forth between them to communicate about thoughts, feelings, instincts and intuition. This creates a measurable, electromagnetic field- your heart in particular can send and receive electromagnetic energy up to 23 feet(!). You are actually a brilliant, buzzing, powerful energy source.
  • Breathe and focus. With every breath, your heart opens and closes to pump blood around the body. But, when your brain is noisy and cluttered, it overwhelms the heart and your heart can’t send and receive energy nearly as well. This is why meditation and clearing the mind dramatically shifts your energy- it also shifts the energy of the world around you.
  • Practise gratitude. I want you to realise that everything in your life- you’ve created. And I mean that in the most wonderful sense- you’ve manifested and attracted relationships, friendships, opportunities, possessions, the lot. But when you look at it and sulk and think about what you’re lacking, you’re just sending lacking vibes out into the universe and repelling the things you want. Learn to see through a lense of appreciation and positivity, because after all, what you focus on will expand.
  • Patience and consistency. You’re not going to be able to wish for something once or twice then expect it to turn up. All of this is a game of probability, not guarantees. What counts most is the energy you project to the world over time. If you spend an hour thinking of all the ways your life sucks, then 10 minutes focusing on what you want to attract, that negativity will reign supreme. Think about where you’re spending most of your energy and whether or not that’s serving you.

The law of attraction: your how-to guide

Following these principles has an incredible effect on your mental health and psychology.

First of all, you begin to fundamentally believe that it’s possible for you to achieve and obtain the things you want. And it’s true, you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You also begin to switch to an abundance mindset, where you’re no longer lowballing yourself because you’re desperate for any morsel of success. You know that good things are coming if you work hard and stay clear about what you want.

Your values begin to change, at a very deep and subconscious level. Your values drive your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. This means your behaviour begins to change at a very subconscious level. It might be as simple as your body language improving, so you look more confident, so your leader/boss trusts you with more responsibility, and because you’re more confident you absolutely smash it, then you get the promotion you’ve been manifesting.

Now I wanna wrap this up by stressing one thing. We’re using the law of attraction, emphasis on attrACTION.
If you curl up in bed everyday, spend five minutes visualising, then just nap and watch Netflix, shit’s not gonna get done. Unless your goal was to do absolutely nothing.

Can you close your eyes,wish for a Lamborghini and have it appear by tomorrow? Probably not. Can you wish for the love of your life, then just stay at home 24/7 and expect them to f**kin break in or something? Also no.

But, you can use your psychology and energy to help attract things into your life. If you visualise and manifest meeting your soulmate, you know exactly the kind of person you want, you’re certain it will happen, then maybe next time you’re out grocery shopping you have a disgusting meet-cute where you both reach for the last avocado. Or maybe something equally soppy, like bumping into each other on a train, or at a wedding. You get my point.

With that said, the universe works in funny ways and you might think your manifestations aren’t going the way they’re supposed to, but they always are. Nothing in life happens to you, it happens for you.

You can attract the things you want in your life.
But your actions have still gotta live up to your mentality. One won’t work without the other.

So, remember.
Visualise what you want, affirm your goal everyday, and work like a dog to make it happen.

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Kerwin Rae