Doing a lot of research right now on Pokemon Go and the business opportunity behind that and how businesses can hack it for income producing opportunities. Would love to know if you’re on it.

The guy who created Pokemon Go, John Hanke. 20 Years to create it. Broken all records.

Ten million downloads in the first week, exceeded Twitter daily active users. And with a higher average user time than Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp. Actually now the most engaged app on the planet.

Raking in two million dollars a day, currently, but he had 10 steps to get here.

In 1996 while still a student, he co-created his very first game. He sold the game to 3DO to move on to a bigger passion which was mapping the world.

Then in 2000, he launched keyhole to come up with a way to link maps and aerial photography to create the first online GPS-linked 3D Aerial map of the world.

In 2004, Google bought Keyhole and with John’s help turned Keyhole into now what is Google Earth.

That?s when he decided to start creating GPS-based games.

Then, between 2004 and 2010 creating Google Maps and Google Streetview, during this time he collected a team that would later go on to create Pokemon Go.

So then, in 2012 he created Niantics first Geo-based game called Ingress.

In 2014, Google and the Pokemon Company teamed up for an April Fools Day joke which allowed viewers to find Pokemon creatures on Google Maps. It was then a viral hit and got John thinking that the idea could be turned into a real game.

As John says, the Poke stops are submitted by users, so obviously they’re based on places people go.

“We’ve had essentially two and a half years of people going to all the places where they thought they should be to be able to play Ingress. So it’s some pretty remote places. There are portals in Antarctica and the North Pole and most points in between.” – John Hanke

Then, in 2016, oh my god, this is incredible. So from December 205 and February 2016 he raised $25 million from Google, Nintendo and the Pokemon company, to grow a team of 40+ to launch Pokemon Go this year.

Since it’s launch, Nintendo’s share price has risen 12 billion. The app is generating over 2 million a day in in-app purchases, making it an overnight phenomenon.

The overnight success of Pokemon Go has taken John 20 years to create.

It takes 20 years to be an overnight success.

Do you guys know that you’ve got a Pokemon Go stop out front?

Oh, we’ve got loads, yeah.

But if you use lures, it actually attracts the players to the establishment, because they come in for the lure, to play the game, and then they buy sh*t.

Are you guys on Pokemon Go?


Isn’t that interesting? When you consider most restaurant’s dream is to have people around it, because people attract people.

Do you guys realize that you’re actually a Poke stop?


At the front here?


And what’s interesting, I don’t know if you know this but right now there are businesses that are using lures to attract players and they’re actually converting them into customers.

Baiting them.

Yeah, you’ve seen the popularity?

It’s like everywhere!

It has gone nuts.

I’ve had kids in the yard. I understand that but how does one convert that, into this.

So, imagine having a sign out the front where you have a Pokeccino. So, you start advertising Pokeccino which is aligning products with the brand. You’ve got foot traffic going past. They’re going to get thirsty, they’re going to get hungry. Well look, it’s interesting, it’s something to consider.

And right now, there’s an opportunity for businesses to take a part and it won’t be there forever.

What do you think of Pokemon Go?

Kerwin Rae