James Whittaker

The habits all high-performers have in common

On this episode of Unstoppable, I sit down with the master of all high performers, James Whittaker.

James is the author of the modern day version of the self-help classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’. He’s also a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and film producer.

You would have seen him on the Today Show, featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Money Magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald.

James has interviewed more than 100 of the world’s most revered entrepreneurs, business icons and athletes to unlock their keys to success and today, he is going to share what all these people have in common, and how you can reach these heights too.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • 9:45 “The power of sex transmutation” – Sexual energy and wealth creation / Channeling sexual energy to create wealth
  • 19:21 Breaking free of limiting suggestions to achieve success / Overcoming limiting thoughts that are barriers to success
  • 25:34 “The Sixth Sense”: instinct and intuition / Using the sixth sense to live with purpose
  • 29:10 Education by itself is meaningless
  • 45:04 James’ one key takeaway