You might think that money is really important to you but you’ve got to completely remove that from your psychology.

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You don’t focus on the consequence, that happens naturally.

You focus on what you have to deliver for that consequence to happen. Whatever it is that you want more of in your life right now, find a way to give it freely without the expectation of return and just see what happens.

It has this magical ability to come back in droves. If you want more love in your life right now, find someone else in your life that needs some more love and just share it with them without any expectation of return.

If you want more money in your life right now, find someone in your community that needs more money right now and find a way to serve them at a higher level by using your finances, not by necessarily giving them cash but by finding ways to support them.

The person who holds the most power is the person who wants nothing and is willing to give everything because they’re not attached to what they have.

Kerwin Rae