16TH-The benefit of Intermittent Fasting

In 2001 I did my first fast and I did it because I got really sick. I was really ill and a friend of mine handed me a book on fasting.

I started reading that book on a Saturday morning and from the moment I started reading the book I stopped eating and did a water fast for the next five days. It was incredible.

Then about 12 months later, I started going to this place in Thailand where I’d fast for seven to ten days twice a year. The health benefits of fasting were incredible; apart from weight loss which was never my goal but just a nice natural consequence, the positive impact on my immune system, mental clarity and energy levels was incredible. It’s a great detox as well.

Doing that twice a year I’d be nice and healthy and lean straight afterwards, but six months later I’d have put on a whole lot of weight and become very unhealthy, and my body needed to fast again.

So I decided to shift into intermittent fasting. It’ll be three years in January 2019 that I started intermittent fasting, where I started fasting every day for about 18 hours a day and started feeling the benefits of intermittent fasting .

At first, you get sugar cravings and feel hungry Normally it takes two to three weeks, then once your body becomes fat adapted, all those cravings start to fall away and you just experience levels of mental clarity and energy that most people dream of and it’s caffeine free.

For the first 12 months I was doing a 14 to 16 hour window, and over time I built up to the 18 hour fasting which I do now. I have my first meal around 2pm and my last meal somewhere around 6 to 8pm.

During that 18 hour fasting window my body has converted into a fat burning machine, as opposed to sugar burning. As a consequence of that I have very high levels of energy because my body is constantly burning a fuel source where there’s plenty available.

There are other benefits too. Especially when you consider the cause of most disease is damaged cells and when they proliferate they become cancer.

When you’re fasting the body starts to scavenge and it literally starts to feed on itself, and the places it goes first are those damaged cells. So the fasting process literally starts to clean up the body.

Intermittent fasting has been linked to preventing early onset alzheimer’s, early onset parkinson’s, it is shown to have huge increases on different hormones and be able to balance out hormones. It also decrease the hormones associated with certain cancers.

16TH-The benefit of Intermittent Fasting1

For me, it’s been a complete and utter game changer. I can’t emphasise enough the physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

If you’re thinking about it, google intermittent fasting or fasting, and start learning about the process.

Start learning about ketosis and how the body can transfer from burning sugars to burning fat, and what the implications are in having consistent levels of energy. Learn about what is happening at a mitochondrial level, how the body starts to rebuild itself in more healthy and more effective ways.

If you’re interested do a google search and you’ll be amazed at the benefits of intermittent fasting ..

There are different windows, different protocols, 12 hours is the baseline per day. Anything between 12 and 18 hours per day, some really magical stuff starts to happen after 18 hours. 18 is the magic number.

Find out what works for you.

Check it out!


Kerwin Rae