The Art of Listening from a World-Class Manager

With Adam Mendler

CEO of ‘The Veloz Group’ and Co-Founder of countless successful businesses in various industries such as Beverly Hills Chairs, Custom Tobacco & Veloz Solutions, Adam Mendler is no stranger to the high pressure environment that comes with business management.

Along with running three businesses himself, Adam is an honourable columnist on Thrive Global, having conducted and published over 300 interviews with America’s top leaders and influencers, giving him an all-rounded and unique insight into the successful paths of world-class leaders. 

Adam’s mission in life is to create better, more resonant leaders by distilling lessons learned from building three successful businesses in three different industries, mixed with his knowledge gathered from world elites. Adam’s advice in this episode is not only expansive, but genuine, which is what made Adam such a great guest for this episode of Unstoppable. 

If you are eager to grow in all aspects of your life, this interview is for you. 

In this episode, you will learn:


  • 04:00 Adam’s beginnings
  • 08:00 Adam’s consulting business
  • 10:00 The difference between leadership and management
  • 12:00 Adam’s top three lessons for successful management
  • 20:00 The biggest mistakes people make on their journey to entrepreneurship
  • 27:00 What is the best way to build a winning culture
  • 29:00 Adam’s most memorable interview
  • 31:00 The best advice Adam you ever received
  • 33:00 What’s next on Adam’s journey?

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