Sebastian Terry

The 100 Things that will make your life happier

It’s time to get honest with yourself. How happy are you with where you are and where you’re going in life? It may just be time to stop, actually get to know yourself and what you want, and do the things you love. That’s exactly what Sebastian Terry did. He prioritised happiness and made a list of 100 Things he would do to not live a life of regret. He’s married a stranger, kissed a celebrity, broke a Guinness World Record and more! It’s time to give yourself permission to live a truly happy life and that journey starts here on this week’s episode of Unstoppable.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 5:50 – What if you died today?
  • 14:30 – Seb Terry’s wild adventures
  • 25:46 – Why you need to make a 100 Things list
  • 35:56 – Finding your values and purpose in life
  • 44:34 – We’re all wired to want to help others

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