Can you remember a time when you walked into a room (a bus, perhaps an aeroplane)? You didn’t know anyone, and all of a sudden you feel your energy go whoosh and it is dissipates. It’s gone.

That’s you tuning into your environment.

There are four forces in the Universe:

  1. Strong nuclear force
  2. Weak nuclear force
  3. Gravity
  4. Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism is the very thing that holds you together and prevents you from going, poof, into pink mist.

You are a walking, talking, living, breathing, electromagnet.

As a result, you are constantly sending energy and information out into the environment and you’re also receiving.

Are you conscious of what you are sending? Are you conscious of what you are receiving?

You have the ability to increase your strength of what you attract.

Magnets don’t only attract, they also repel. It’s a polarity.

So you being an electromagnet, you have the ability to attract, and you have the ability to repel.

When you amplify the energy in your body you increase the potential for that attraction, and you increase the potential for repulsion.

The question is…

What are you polarised to attract?

What are you polarised to repel?

Are you surrounded by other magnets that are polarised to attract sh*t and drama and chaos, and instability and uncertainty and loss, and that repel opportunity, generosity, love, connection and kindness?

If you are, you will by proximity of association, be affected.

What do you attract?

Think about it.

Kerwin Rae

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