01.Tapping into the upgraded superpower of ADHD1

We’ve got to stop looking at ADHD as a deficit and starting looking at it for the upgrade that it is.

Because to me, having ADHD is an advantage, especially as an entrepreneur.

There’s a great guy called Peter Shankman, he wrote a book called Faster Than Normal, which is all about making ADHD work for you. After selling his companies he realised that all his so called ‘trouble-making’ tendencies were actually his greatest assets, so he set out to understand all the positives of having a fast-paced, supercharged brain. He now runs the number one podcast show on iTunes for ADHD.

I can 100% relate to this. I believe I have a fucking super power!

ADHD gives me an untapped amount of energy to be able to focus on multiple projects at one time. It also means I have a hypersensitivity to boredom. Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t concentrate for extended periods of time, it just means I have trouble focusing on things I’m not interested in.

And to me, that’s a blessing, because as an entrepreneur time is a precious commodity. I’d much rather be putting my energy into things that interest me and catapult me forward, rather than spending time trying to get my head around something that I couldn’t care less about.

So, ADHD has given me an ultra-efficient filtering system.

At school, I couldn’t just sit still and quietly work away doing my timetables – I was also diagnosed with dyslexia, so ADHD combined with numbers jumping all over the page, nah, I was gone.

The way my intelligence was measured was based on my ability to recite and remember things, and I was fucking terrible at that. How can you retain something that doesn’t interest you?

It wasn’t until I left school that I actually realised that I had the capacity to learn, but now I know that’s because everything I had tried to learn up until that point, I wasn’t fucking interested in.

So if you have ADHD, you have got to look at it as a gift.

You have the ability to move faster than normal, and if you use that talent to focus on the things and the projects that truly interest you, you will be unstoppable.

I absolutely love what I do, and I know that sounds cliché but because my passion for my business is so strong, it allows me to stay focused for hours and hours and hours – and because I have an ADHD upgrade I can smash the ball out of the fucking park.

So if you have ADHD, see it as a blessing and then learn how to manage your super power.

Because it’s simply a process of learning how to identify the things that you’re interested in and good at, and then having the discipline and the structure to maintain it.

You do that, and you’re on your way to excelling in business and excelling in life.


Kerwin Rae