Fasting completely changed my relationship with what health meant but also it changed my relationship with what symptoms meant.

I learnt about what’s called the healing crisis.

I started to learn that the symptoms of healing can often mimic the symptoms of illness, because when you’re cleaning out your body, the body responds to the toxins as they’re being flushed out, because when you have loads of toxins being dumped into your bloodstream how do you think you’re going to feel?

You’re going to feel pretty shit until they are removed from the body.

What I discovered when I went to these Thailand fasting retreats is they’ll have all the Westerners coming in and doing these fasting retreats and it was four beaches away from where the full moon party was..

So normally the day after a full moon the f#cking boats rock up with all the f#cking strung out party animals who go, “No I need to detox now’’.

“Yeah, we’ll do a seven day detox, we’ll do a ten day fast…”

But by day two they’re fucking like, “I can’t do this anymore!”

And do you know why they feel it’s so bad for them?

Because they’ve got these fucking wicked headaches and they feel ill and fatigued.

Whereas I understand now that when the body starts to produce certain symptoms and often times even certain illnesses, even infections, it’s a way to flush everything out because the body is trying to heal.

So the real question is, what are you consuming?

What are you using as reference point to build your relationship with health?

Are you trying to self-diagnose? That’s dangerous shit man because I guarantee you if you get an upset stomach most of you will feel like you’ve got f#cking IBS.

We need to start looking at what our relationship with health is and start looking at what is our relationship with symptoms.

Kerwin Rae