Any business is vulnerable when you’ve got one person that has too much on their plate.

Not just the risk if something happens to them, but the more someone has on their plate the more potential for overwhelm, the more potential for stress, for burn out, for immune conditions and just getting sick.

What’s interesting is we’ve got two or three new team members that start next week in the social department, we’ve got another four we’re recruiting for. All those people are going to be taking work off Tracy and they’ll be full time roles.

So we’ve had one person doing the job of seven people full time.

What I’d like to see, is rather than Tracy being so hands on, I’d like to see her more hands off and strategic. More leadership oriented and more management oriented where she’s making sure that things are being done at a high level.

How do you ensure someone like that doesn’t burnout? You force them to stop.

I can’t tell you how many times we have had to force Tracy to slow down. We’ve had to force Tracy to hand things over.

That’s the catch 22 with talent, they love it so much that they want to keep going and they want to work hard. That’s good and bad.

It is a good thing when someone has that internal intrinsic drive that goes well beyond reciprocation for a paycheck. At the same time you’ve got to manage that individual from a performance perspective, understanding sustainability and continuity of the role.

That’s no. 1.

A good leader and a good coach knows when to rest their players. And you’ve gotta know when to rest your players.

You’ve gotta know when your players are over training, you’ve gotta know when your players are undertraining. You’ve gotta know when to put the pressure on and when to pull the pressure off.

As leaders you’ve got to stay above and across the game, you can’t get too in the game.

If you’re in the game you’re a player and you don’t get to see the strategy, you don’t get to see the five moves ahead.

You’ve got to see the bigger picture, constantly, because that’s what leadership is.


Kerwin Rae