I basically was born to sell.

I started selling horse shit door to door when I was like 12 or 13. I basically wanted to get enough money to go to the Townsville show. I was too young to get a job so I approached the stables in the local area and started shoveling shit into bags, put those bags into trailers, then basically took it into residential areas on wheelbarrows and started selling horse shit door to door.

In the first three weeks of businesses I sold $360 worth of horse shit.

I then got strategic. I was at the nursery one day and I saw a guy with who looked like he was spreading manure and asked him where he got it from?

He said “out West”.

I said, “What if I told you I had my own supply,” and he basically bought like 35 bags straight off me and said, “I’ll take as much as you can have”.

So, I went from taking it door-to-door, I found myself distribution and I basically took it to him and we got to the point where I ran out of shit.

What do you think sales is all about?

Sales is about communication and relationships. It is about service. So many people see sales as a process of selling something to someone regardless of whether or not they need it or not.

It’s finding a problem that you can solve. Find a problem that you can solve and demonstrate your expertise through questioning.

Yes, and raising capital, raising capital.

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Stop waiting for an investor to save you, if your product is good enough sell it, use that money to generate cash to then go to the investment community and say I’m worthy of investment because I can actually sell my shit.

We need to learn how to sell because unless you can produce cash quickly, you don’t have a business you have an expensive hobby.

Sales is literally the key to the highest level of your success because in business you are constantly selling, you have to sell yourself sometimes, you have to sell a negotiator supplies, you have to sell your team, you have to sell your wife or your husband or your kids. You getting your kids to clean up their bedroom is selling.

Whenever you get anyone to do something that would be a benefit to both of you, there’s a sales process going on.  

Life becomes easier when you know how to sell.

Kerwin Rae