So you have seen me promoting Snapchat a lot lately (follow me @kerwinrae) and I have had a ton of people ask me:

Why are you using Snapchat? Isn’t it an app for teenagers to get in trouble with sending nude pics to each other? Snapchat has officially matured (but I haven’t)!

I am now posting videos of my life and business behind the scenes every day (follow me to check it out).

Snapchat for business

Here’s the scoop on Snapchat for business.

Firstly – Snapchat is a smartphone app that allows you to take short 10 second videos and photos that you can animate with drawings and pictures.

You then send it to either individuals or (this is where the opportunity is) communities of followers in what is called a “story” who view and consume these pics and videos.

Because it is pics and 10-second videos the engagement is high because the attention span is low.

Some of the biggest brands on the planet are jumping on board, such as Disney, Nat Geo, Apple, The White House, Coca-Cola, Gary Vaynerchuk, Pandora Music and much much more…

Snapchat is becoming commercial for business. Where the eyeballs go the money flows…

Snapchat is blowing up for business. Like I said some of the biggest brands are already on board and using it to promote and engage their communities.

And here’s why?

Snapchat has:

Over 100m daily active users Worldwide

Over 2m daily active users in Aus (that’s almost 10% of our population and it’s growing fast)

77% users over 18 (this demographic is super valuable for businesses)

2% users over 55 (Grandma isn’t on it to send nudies she’s engaging in content)

7 BILLION video views per day (that is huge!)

And Snapchat is the most opened smartphone app right now (where the eyeballs go the money flows)

Snapchat for business? Not just for dick pics anymore

Facebook saw this coming when they tried to buy Snapchat for $3 Billion dollars in 2013 and got rejected (Ouch!). At the time, I thought they had rocks in their head BUT now I know why (I am slow when it comes to tech).

The best part is it is only just starting to blow up NOW for business!

That means you can cash in on the opportunity – IF you know how to use the thing!

I should point out Snapchat isn’t a straight lead generation tool. It is an incredible tool that allows you to engage with your audience and let them see snapshots of your life and business at a personal level. Personal engagement is THE currency of Social Media today and Snapchat delivers this in spades.
The level of personal connection created on this app is HUGE.

Snapchat for business? Not just for dick pics anymore

Below is the timeline of snapchat’s life so far from Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog you will also find a great user guide there as well to show you the basics (until I get around to writing one myself!).

Snapchat for business? Not just for dick pics anymore

To finish – I was HUGELY SKEPTICAL about snapchat just being yet another tool that would distract me but the more data I see and the more I use it and communicate to my audience with, the more I am becoming convinced of its purpose as a business tool.

Let’s follow the journey and see what happens: Add me by clicking this link or by searching for Kerwinrae in your snapchat app – or scan the image below:

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Kerwin Rae