How I got into shape

I get a lot of questions about fitness and nutrition, which is fantastic! I really applaud anyone wanting to look after themselves and make their health a priority.

When you start taking care of your health, you increase your productivity.
You have more energy, you focus better, and you can work more effectively than if you were burning the candle at both ends.

So, I want to share with you exactly how I kicked my arse into gear and got into shape.
While running a business.
With a young kid.

No excuses, no bullshit. Here’s what I did to lose weight, gain energy, and create a body I love.

Controlling sugar

I’ve got a f**king mad sugar tooth that literally is the worst addiction in my life.
I have to keep it completely under control, because the moment I start having sugar, it’s fucking game over. I’m eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s every day. No shit.

I don’t really ever eat fruit. It’s important to keep under control because those cravings can be vicious- and we all know how crap sugar is for pretty much every aspect of health.

Eat clean

I practise intermittent fasting, so I have my first meal, somewhere between 1:00 and 2:30pm every day.
I have my last meal, somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30pm every day. And I won’t say I’m keto, but I am keto bent.
If you saw my lunch, it looks it could feed a small family. I’m not kidding. It’s at least I would say around 1,200 calories.
I have a giant piece of barramundi, normally about almost like a 300 gram piece of barramundi for lunch with about 200 to 250 grams of baby octopus, about 250 grams of sweet potato, 30 to 35 grams of goat’s cheese. And then I have a big bowl of salad.
And that’s lunch, okay.

And then in the afternoon, if I’m lucky, I’ll have a little bit of maybe a bit of protein or a protein drink.

Dinner is normally somewhere between 300 grams to 400 grams of protein. It’s either a fish or chicken, massive salad, you know, those punnets of salad? I’ll have one of those with dinner, as a punnet of salad mixed with MCT oil, apple cider vinegar, and a caramelized balsamic, just spread it on there. Throw it around. And I normally have a clean piece of protein and that’s pretty much it.


I train if I’m lucky, depending on my schedule, maybe once a week.
My goal is to train three times a week, and depending on the frequency, I find my weight will fluctuate.

What I’m actually discovering now with my training routine, because I do mostly calisthenics, is I’m actually enjoying being lighter when I train because you’re actually stronger because you’re only using body weight. And the stuff that I’m trying to do requires a lot of strength.

And when I get bigger it’s really hard for me to do some of the stuff because you know the difference is significant.
Just a few kilos can mean the difference to me doing seven or eight reps, to only being able to do one.

How I got into shape


I meditate most mornings, anywhere between 40 minutes to two hours, depending on what time I wake up.
I don’t meditate every day, but I probably meditate 80 to 90% of the time. And then I’ll normally do another 20 minutes to an hour in the evenings, depending on time.

The one thing I give the most time to is my meditation because it helps me keep all of my manic behaviors under control. And it helps me sleep better. It helps me think better. It’s like a high performance drug for my brain.


If you saw my supplement rack, you’d think I’m a freak.
I literally have supplements for everything, but I don’t take everything all the time. I literally will go, “Okay, what do I feel like my body needs?”

And I’ll take the supplements that I feel my body needs. And so I’m constantly topping up with stuff life, either a vitamin B, a zinc, an omega-3, a reishi mushroom product of some sort, et cetera, et cetera.

Don’t just take what I take because I say it though, it’s always worth consulting some sort of doctor or naturopath just to be sure nothing’s gonna interfere with any medicines or preexisting conditions.

And I always recommend doing your research on what supplements you need, what the different ones do, and what you need to be careful of when you’re using them.


I drink so much fucking water, I’m like a camel.
I easily will drink three to four liters a day. I’ll just chug a liter upon waking. That to me is a massive jumpstart.

If I’m training at a really high level or doing a speaking event like NISI or Mastermind, I might even drink a few sneaky ketones.
People ask me all the time “mate, what the f**k is in your water? You’re jumping around like an energizer bunny!” The ketones give a boost of energy, without a sugar crash or burnout. Again, I’d say do your research on how to use these safely, because you can’t be tossing them back like beers on a hot Summer’s day.

How I got into shape

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, live longer, get into shape, or just better your health overall, these six steps are a great place to start.
I’d love for you to comment if you’ve tried a few of these and let me know how it’s going ?

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