Honestly, I’m not fantastic at asking for help but I’ve really learnt my lesson the really hard way. Here are some benefits of asking for help.

So, one fine day…

Myself and a couple of mates were keen for a surf at Burleigh Heads, so we head off and when we get there the surf’s massive.

I was fresh at surfing so I didn’t quite get that the longboard I was using and the big waves just wouldn’t work.

Once we paddled out I could see the waves were f *cking monstrous, huge.

We all realised it was too dangerous and started making our way back to the shore, but on the way I got badly smashed.

My leg rope broke, my board was pulled away, and I got sucked into the break zone of these monster sets.

I could see a lifeguard with his back to me on the beach about ten metres away, he was talking to a chick.

I remember thinking at that point, “I really should ask for help. I should put my hand up and start waving”.

Then I thought, ‘Don’t be an idiot, you’re f*cking fit and you can swim out of this’, but I couldn’t get out.

I was a lifesaver in high school so I knew the drill, just f*cking stay calm, allow the rip to pull you out, but I was in a washing machine and I wasn’t getting out.

I remember thinking, “Now I need to ask for help”.

So I went to put my hand up to signal that I needed help but by then I’d been burning so much lactic acid, adrenaline and cortisol that my body went into cramp and I couldn’t move. My body just wouldn’t move and I started to panic.

Then I fell below the water line and I could see the surface getting further away.

Now I was thinking, “Not like this. Not like this, I don’t want to be remembered as the guy that went out on the big board in big waves. Not like this, not like this.”

Suddenly, a big hand came down with oxygen streaming off his fingers as he grabbed me by the scruff of my hair. He pulled me up and over his board, a young kid, he paddled me in and then went back and got my board and brought it back to me.

Meanwhile, I’m coughing up water, splattering and I’m crying. I was in shock.

The young lifesaver just jumps back in the water and f*cks off to his next rescue.

I’m there knowing that I nearly died right now.

I knew how close it was and I realised that I really should have asked for help earlier.

I often cite this story in relationship to business.

Most people don’t ask for help with their business until it’s too late, and by then it can simply be too late.

It’s a strong lesson for us all – with business, health and relationships – ask for help before it’s too late.

Honestly, ask for help before you need it, ask for help before your’e below the water line.

I can’t say this loud enough…

Ask for help with your business before you need it my friend.


Kerwin Rae