See, at some point we realised thinking short-term doesn’t work.

Thinking short-term creates nothing more than enormous levels of stress.

See, when you’re thinking short-term, you want to learn everything in the first fucking morning. We need to have patience.

So at some point we realise this whole short-term thinking, it doesn’t work.

It’s broken, fundamentally there’s no economics to back it up and the economics do back it up that are so few and far between and are often obstructed by media hype.

Example, Instagram, 18 months old, bought for a billion dollars – what they didn’t tell you, the guy had been working on it for 12 years.

Pokémon go, an overnight sensation, really? John Hanke had been developing it for 20 years. It’s not a race, it’s not a competition, the only thing I can guarantee is at the end you’re going to die.

So slow down, so you don’t get there so fast.

We get to this point when we realise the short-term thinking doesn’t work and start thinking long term. And it doesn’t mean we never have dips ever again but we just start thinking differently. It all comes down to your expectations in how you frame them.  

Kerwin Rae