Short term perspective vs long term success

Everybody wants everything now, and I’m sorry to burst your bubble but in business that’s just not how it rolls.

Because those people who typically want everything now, behave in a way that’s reactive, and they usually find it very hard to plan and prioritise.

Here’s the reality check.

If you’re a short-term perspective person running a now-based business, you’re probably working way harder than you need to be. On top of that, you’re probably facing a lot of disappointment, and in some cases, don’t see it as being your fault.

Because when you’re playing in the now, you don’t have clarity. All you have is what is in front of you right now.

When you play in the long term perspective, this is based on the premise that in order to become truly wealthy, you must be willing to invest over a long period of time.

The people who try to make money quickly in business typically crash and burn and ultimately lose it. It’s what I call the ‘Uninformed Optimist’.

It’s the people who start out in business thinking they’re going to be overnight millionaires. They’re excited. They’re bouncing off the fucking walls. They want to take over the world. They have no clue…and that’s the reason why they’re excited.

Then all of a sudden, within a period of six weeks they have a realisation. They realise they’re not getting the huge results in the short amount of time that they thought they would. Which is usually when they start to blame. People in this place will blame their products, blame their services, blame their business, blame their partner and pretty much just blame the entire fucking world!

And they crash. And at that point it’s what I call an ‘Informed Sceptic’.

Often this is when the ‘Informed Sceptic’ decides that everything else and everyone else is at fault so they will start again. They will change their products or services and in most cases their business, and then guess what?

They’re an ‘Uninformed Optimist’ again.

There are people who get stuck in this cycle for their entire life.

But then some people who go through the cycle maybe once, maybe twice, maybe 10 times go, “Hang on here, I am in another business, my previous ones haven’t worked. Maybe the problem isn’t the business? Maybe the problem is me?”

One of the first signs that you are ready to grow a successful enterprise is when you’re ready to own your shit. It’s called responsibility.

At some point you get to a stage in your life where you go it’s not them, it’s not that, it’s not this…it’s me.

Because in order to really succeed and achieve true growth, you need to work on you, and you need to focus on just one thing.

To grow your business to between $1 and $50 million, you need to be responsible and you need to create a long term perspective.

Because when you create a long-term perspective it’s about continued responsibility, focus, growth, learning, work and determination – all of those qualities that truly successful people have.

And only then, will you become what I call the ‘Informed Optimist’.

But if you’re not willing to take a long term perspective, then business is not for you.

Kerwin Rae