There are two keys in business. If you just do these things really well, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. If you don’t then you may have a hole in your bucket.

Here’s the thing, these two keys are so simple, you will possibly read them and say, “oh yeah, I knew that”

Or read them and go, “Impossible that those two things could make that much of a difference.”

Or there may be a part of you that goes,

“I’ve heard this before, but this is coming from a guy that?s helped build thousands of businesses in 11 countries, in 154 different industries. So maybe I should approach this with the beginner mind and sit on this before I?just pass it off.”

These are the two keys to the highest level of success in business, these are not just success principles in business, these are success principles for life.

Key #1 Focus on Building Quality Relationships

You must become really good at building relationships. It has to be a skill you develop but go big, aim for mastery. Because relationships drive hugely successful businesses.

Your family. This is your first stop. We must learn how to build and manage our core family relationships in a healthy way that free our minds up to focus on building our business. Family first, for me as my family, is a huge part of my purpose.

Your Team. The quality of relationships with your team will determine how inspired, how hard, how far and beyond they work for you. Their level of input, their integrity, their honesty, their capacity will be governed by the quality of the relationship you have with your team members.

Your suppliers. The quality of the relationship you have with your suppliers will determine how much you enjoy working with them and whether or not they give you special rates, discounts, and extended payment terms.

Your partners. The quality of the relationships you have with your strategic partners determine, the length and quality of the joint ventures you set up. Will they go out of their way to promote you? Or will they promote you as a last option if they have any time left over in their busy life?

Your clients. The quality of the relationships that you have with your clients will determine, firstly, if they buy with you. Do they trust you? Do they like you? Do they actually respect you as a human being?

And if they do, they will be more likely compelled to spend more money with you, because they have more trust with you. If you have a great quality of relationship with your clients, they will come back more frequently and refer their friends.

The Shocking Truth About Successful Business

“I know businesses that thrive on the fact that their clients come in just to say hello, and while they’re there they spend money.”

Relationships are built by relating, by connecting and with time, so invest wisely. If you can get this number one key down, you’re primed to be very successful. Very primed.

The second key drives the first.

Key #2 Value

Value, in my opinion, is misunderstood. After all, what does the term value actually mean? Something of ‘value’ is something that’s important. It has worth and people put worth to what they’re getting at the level that it meets their needs, wants, and desires.

Let me break it down:

Value is based and linked to human values, personal values. What is genuinely important to the individual.

Values could be family, health, fitness, sports, time, freedom, business or even money. A personal value is what consumes time and space in your life that you either read about, think about, talk about, fantasize about, dream about. 

Voids breed values which drive people’s desire to fill them with things they can buy, download, subscribe to, watch, read and so on.

Your values govern what’s valuable to you and the more someone meets your values the stronger the relationship will be.

Remember what I alluded to before, “values drives the quality of relationships”

In commercial terms, the value is based on the products, services, activities, the actions, and the transactions that enable us to experience more in those values that are important to us.

The Shocking Truth About Successful Business

“Giving people value is about giving people more of what they genuinely want.”

Value is not governed by a dollar figure, the value is governed by what an investment allows that person to experience at a higher level.

To sum it up, when you understand the importance of creating strong relationships and you understand how to deliver value based on values at a high level, you are prime. You are golden. You are valuable.

The most valuable businesses are the businesses that people can’t do without.

If you don’t have these two things nailed, you’ve got a hole in your bucket, dear Liza.

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Kerwin Rae