Nicole Lapin 

Secrets to Success from a Super Woman 

Living paycheck to paycheck with unending debt to being named the first ever female Money Expert of the Year in 2015. Seems impossible to some but this week’s guest, Nicole Lapin, made being unstoppable a way of life.

She has authored the New York Times bestseller “Rich Bitch”, “Boss Bitch” and “Becoming Super Woman”, and also teaches financial literacy. In this ep of Unstoppable, we dive deep into Nicole’s path to financial literacy as well as her personal development journey with PTSD. Follow us along through the making of a superwoman!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 03:09 – Nicole’s journey from childhood to life goal
  • 18:50 – The beginning of “Rich Bitch”
  • 27:37 – The shift in media and journalism consumption
  • 35:35 – Understanding success and perspective while being diagnosed with PTSD
  • 43:27 – Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Horse therapy
  • 48:22 – Leadership lessons from horses, dogs and children
  • 52:03 – Reparenting yourself and how to have better routines by discovering real balance
  • 57:57 – What advice would she give to her younger self?