Right now, the only thing standing between you and your mission, is you being able to see the most direct route to get there.

Many entrepreneurs would like to convince you of their story as being something dramatic and exciting which it is, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what we have to follow.

Who has heard many, many, many, many, many stories of struggle on people’s road to success? Who’s heard so many stories of struggle on the road to success that you now firmly believed that that is the only way that is achievable?

There are two paths to success.

Have you ever known someone, heard of someone, where success just came really easily to them? But what do we hear more about? We hear more about the hard road. Why? Because that sells books, that sells movies, that gets eyeballs and engagement on social media.

The simpler road is considered ‘meeh, boring’, and I don’t know about you, but if I had to choose, I’m actually okay with boring, and I remember one time I sat down with a great mentor.

We were having a conversation, he goes, “Kerwin you seem to attract a lot of chaos with your life”, this is about ten years ago.

I said yes, but he goes, “You seem to be so okay with it”.

And I said, “Yeah because that’s where the growth is,” and he goes, “So you believe in order for you to grow…”

Which to me equals success, because I know the correlation between growth and success, not just financially but also spiritually and philosophically in every area of life.

He said, “You do realise that when it comes to growth there is a duality in growth, like there is a duality in everything in life. You are going to receive just as much growth from challenge as you will from support. You don’t have to be constantly at war with yourself and the world and everyone else in order to grow. You can actually grow through peace, love and support”.

I didn’t understand that concept at the time but I liked the idea of it. I really did, because at that point in my life I’d nearly died six times. I had collapsed five times from exhaustion, was hospitalised twice, and there were many times where I told myself, “There’s got to be a better fuckin way”.

The little voice in my head said, “No this is what it takes to be successful.”

And there are many times I said to myself, “If this is what it takes to be successful then maybe I don’t want to be successful, because frankly, I’d much prefer to enjoy my life and be poor than hate my life and be rich.”

But then my mentor opened up and said, “Why can’t you have both, why can’t you enjoy the challenge that allows you to grow and be lifted up and strengthen as a result of the resistance that’s required in order to strengthen yourself, your soul, your love.”

There is growth that’s available to you through the kinder of things in life – through the gentle touches and through the kind conversations.  

Kerwin Rae