How to remain focused when shit hits the fan

A question that I get asked quite a lot is how to remain focused, especially when life throws a curve ball and unexpected, or personal circumstances get in the way.

For me I don’t like to look at things so cut and dry. Because life isn’t black and white. It’s about sharing the space between business and personal life.

And in order to do that, you have to know what your priorities are. This is where values come in.

So for me, it’s always family first. Always.

That’s why it’s so important to know what drives you, what truly motivates you. It means really understanding who you are. Because the more you know about who you are, and what your drivers are, the easier it is to prioritise those things during tough times.

When you truly understand yourself, you understand what the most important things are to concentrate on when something unexpected happens.

The other part of it comes down to preparation.

How do you prioritise when the world is falling down? What happens when shit hits the fan? How do you cope when things don’t go to plan?

Do you sink or do you swim? Because you can tell a lot about someone when the going gets tough.

In order to make it through unexpected challenges, you have got to learn how to plan. And then, you have got to follow the game plan. Not just in the bad times, but also in the good.

If you look at Special Forces or Navy Seals, they practice, and practice, and practice, and train at such a high level that when they actually execute, they’ve done it 5000 times before.

So when shit hits the fan it’s so much easier to maintain focus.

Prioritising and planning are key if you are to remain focused when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Kerwin Rae