I’ve learnt the hard way, the difference between someone who interviews well and someone who can actually do the job.

So, there are certain skills that we’ve got to learn as an entrepreneur that help us recruit.

Now, once you learn the skills does that mean you get it right every single time? No. You still make mistakes.

Recruitment is your ability to discern between what is a staff member and what is a talent member.


A staff member is someone who shows up at 8:30am every day and they leave at 5.05pm.

The ones that take an extra 15 minutes for lunch and they make sure that they get their breaks.

They have no problem telling you that kind of stuff because it’s the law.

A staff member gets paid to do a job, but talent gets paid to do something that they absolutely effing love and in many cases they still can’t get over the fact that someone will pay them to do what they love.


A talent will come in, in many cases before everybody else or at least earlier than what you ask them. The talent is typically someone that will work at their desk, not because they have to, because they want to.

A talent is someone that will take very few breaks and they’ll only take breaks when they genuinely need them. A talent is someone who will stay back late to get the work done.

A talent is someone that you typically have to go to and say ‘Hey I’m noticing you actually haven’t taken a break, why don’t you go and just take the time out’, and they go ‘I’m fine, I’m really actually enjoying this’.

Because has anyone actually noticed when you do something that you don’t enjoy you get tired very quickly, but when you do something that you love you seem to have untapped amounts of energy and by the time you look up at 3pm, you haven’t even eaten fucking breakfast.

Staff vs Talent

That’s the difference with staff and talent and the goal is to learn the difference when you’re recruiting. The difference between your business scaling quickly and growing slowly is the quality of the talent that you bring to your business and it is something that is not discussed at a small business level at all.

At a small business level, people will tell you if you just learn how to do Facebook advertising you’ll be fine, if you just learn how to sell you’ll be fine. Honestly, I’m telling you right now, if you want to be a business owner not a business doer, you must learn how to delegate the things that you suck at to people who are exceptionally good at it and just love to get paid for doing what it is that they do.

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If you cannot recruit good talent you will die at the helm because you will not trust anyone to be able to do it better than you, purely because everyone that you do hire can’t do it better than you.

You need to get yourself to a point where you hire people that scare you and the reason they scare you is because they’re better than you. And don’t be threatened by that, be inspired by that because that is your opportunity to step back and be a business owner.

Kerwin Rae