‘Real’ News

With Hollie McKay

Hollie McKay, a foreign policy expert and war crimes investigator, has worked on the frontlines of several major war zones, interviewing captured terrorists, as well as high-ranking government, military and intelligence officials from all sides. She has covered humanitarian and diplomatic crises in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Russia, Africa, Latin America, and other areas of the world. 

In her time as a war journalist for Fox News Digital for over fourteen years, her exclusive and detailed interviews with a range of war victims surrounding the topics of torture, sex slavery, forced child jihadist training and refugees have left her as one of the most authentic, determined and committed journalists in our time.

In this episode, you will learn:


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:00 What Hollie does
  • 02:00 Hollie’s journey to becoming a journalist
  • 08:00 What changed Hollie’s direction towards war journalism
  • 11:00 The distinction between reporter and investigative reporter
  • 15:00 What Hollie learnt about terrorism that mainstream media does not show
  • 19:00 How work has affected Hollie personally
  • 22:00 How Hollie processes the things she has seen
  • 26:00 Hollie’s new book ‘Only Cry For The Living’
  • 31:00 How Hollie’s experiences have affected her
  • 34:00 How Hollie held onto her sense of self in such a disturbing environment
  • 37:00 How Hollie felt a sense of belonging in a warzone
  • 42:00 Hollie’s next steps in her career
  • 46:00 Hollie discusses if experiencing war makes you cynical or optimistic


Hollie McKay

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