Something a lot of people don’t know about me is I actually was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia at the age of seven.

As a result, I developed a belief system that I wasn’t very intelligent. I actually never read a book from cover to cover until the age of 23. Since then I’ve read over 800 books. And every single one of them, in some way, has had a direct influence on my ability to make money in business, and grow.

Business growth and personal growth are directly correlated. And your ability to grow is directly influenced by the things that you learn and the things that you put in your head. 

So my advice for you is, if you want to grow or you want to become better. If you want to develop yourself as an entrepreneur and a business person put some stuff in your head. Learn how to read. Become addicted to consuming content in a way that enables you to grow yourself.

But at the same time, don’t be so focused on consuming content, that you never produce anything as a result. Because I know so many people that are still waiting to do something because they just want to read one more book.

It’s not about reading one more book, it’s about implementing what you know and sharpening the saw as you go.

Go and read something today!

Kerwin Rae