Three years ago I had the greatest pleasure of interviewing parenting expert and registered psychologist with 15+ years of experience, best selling author, and overall incredible mum and human being, Dr Vanessa Lapointe.

She has changed thousands of parent-child relationships across the globe and it is with great excitement that I welcome her back for our first ever return guest to the show for Episode 100 of Unstoppable!

So if you want to understand your relationships, emotions, and overall self better, you need to start here with reparenting yourself first to pass wisdom, not wounds, down to future generations. Buckle up for another massive episode.

In this episode, you will learn:
    • 04:30 – The impact of COVID-19 on parenting
    • 06:45 – The role and goal of a parent
    • 08:48 – The problem of co-dependent children
    • 13:27 – Parental emotions effect on children
    • 23:25 – How to discipline your kids
    • 31:40 – How your childhood disciplining could affect your relationships as an adult
    • 41:27 – How to build the foundations of trust in your kids
    • 47:56 – Teaching honesty to your children
    • 56:21 – How to teach gratitude to our kids
    • 58:03 – Family integrations



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