One of the fastest ways that you can increase your sales and also increase your ability to influence, is engage in what I call ‘radical honesty.’

Radical honesty is your ability to tell the truth in any situation regardless of the consequences. Now, it’s not about being rude or arrogant, it’s about knowing how to say the hard things in a soft way. Being tactful in the way that you say things.

If my breath stinks, tell me, because if it does I’m only going to respect you more. The truth is when most people are selling, they’re too afraid to be direct and to be completely honest because they don’t want to be rejected by the person that is in most cases rejecting them anyway.

The fastest way for you to increase your influence is learn to be honest. If you see it, hear it, or feel it, find a way to say it tactfully without being rude or arrogant. Come from the heart. You’ll get a start and you’ll close more deals.

Radical honesty. Give it a shot.

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Kerwin Rae