This is what I say to people who enjoy the title of ‘being busy’ but complain about spreading themselves too thin…


Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you’re productive.

In fact in many cases, the two couldn’t be more opposite. And when it comes to business, productivity is everything.

Because here’s the thing, in this modern fast-paced world, to me, ‘busy’ is nothing more than a buzzword. It’s a perception that a lot of people like to put out.

The biggest question is, how much is actually fucking getting done?

If you’re running around like a headless chook giving out the impression that life is so busy and that you can’t keep up – you’re doing yourself, your business and probably even your family and friends a disservice.

And for some people this might be a hard pill to swallow, because for many, they’re just creating work for themselves left, right and centre to justify their time on this planet.

To me, that couldn’t be more counter present, and counter productive.

So what do I suggest?

Pick one thing. And not the thing that screams that loudest. Carve your path out of passion and heart and purpose.

Pick that one thing that lights you up and give it all of your attention. Break it down and work towards it by doing ONE task at a time.

If your passion leads you to creating a business out of it, then commercialise it, test it and see what the market says.

But most importantly, go with whatever it is that you’re most excited about.

Make sure that the excitement is actually grounded in something that’s rationale and realistic.

You’ve probably heard me say this a lot but I had 48 different jobs before I actually found out what I wanted to do. And even then, it changed at least half a dozen times.

Because if you go, “I like heaps of things, so I’m going to do heaps of different things,” it’s going to be like having one can of water for 20 flowers, but each flower needs one can of water to survive. All of your flowers are going to die.

Don’t get caught up in pointless hustle and grind. Don’t create busyness just to keep up appearances. That’s a recipe for stress, anxiety and quite frankly, disaster.

Pick one thing and do it well.

Kerwin Rae