2ND.Peak performance unleashed with these two tips

There are many factors that contribute to achieving peak performance.

But to dial down the noise and keep it really simple, I like to concentrate on two key components.

To me, peak performance is all about installing the best software and the best hardware.

The software is all about what’s going on if your head. It’s your psychology. It’s your beliefs and it’s how you’re wired. Your hardware is your body, it’s your current physical condition.


So with my software, I am very careful about the stories going on in my head. I am constantly monitoring how I’m thinking and feeling.

If I’m sick or I’m tired or I’m off my game, it would be so rare for you to hear those words actually be uttered out of my mouth, because I usually keep that to myself.

Because as soon as I feel that way I actively and consciously, and very deliberately start to re-pattern a new story.

For example, if I’m super tired, I’ll start saying, “I have an abundance of energy, I have more energy than I know what to do with. I’m an energiser bunny”.

I look for a series of statements and commands that I can start inputting into the system.

Change your software (psychology) and you will be unstoppable.


Looking after your hardware is so important for peak performance.

And there are many ways you can do it with various diet and exercise techniques, but for me I’ve found the biggest results from doing Intermittent Fasting.

I started Intermittent Fasting in February of last year, and from that, I have a very different relationship with food. My typical pattern with food now is probably 50 per cent of the time I eat once a day and the other 50 per cent of the time I eat twice a day.

So for me I’ve found that removing the amount of food that I had in my diet has now given me stupid levels of energy.

I actually have so much energy that sometimes it’s hard to sleep. I even find that I don’t need as much sleep.

So Intermittent Fasting has allowed me to throw that energy and focus into things that I want to pursue.

I guarantee you that if you start upgrading and taking good care of your software and hardware, you will perform at a higher level, more consistently and with better results than you probably could have ever imagined.

If you’re not playing at peak levels look at upgrading today.

Kerwin Rae