Protecting your Social Real estate is becoming a major priority for brands and businesses alike as they rush to own their social extensions.

In this video, I highlight why every person and business MUST own their Social Real Estate.

We are in the midst of a Social Revolution, that’s why I’m doing “The Social Experiment“.

There is a social media domain land grab going on right now. And just like when the dot boomed “the .coms” became an incredibly valuable asset when it came to real estate online.

As is, right now, the social real estate. So, you need to ensure not only that you own your “.coms” for your name and your business name, but also on the social media sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

You want to ensure that you’ve got your extension with your name, and also your business name, so someone else can’t grab it and do some naughty things.

Get on!

Own your social real estate, right now.

Kerwin Rae