7TH-Our viral video formula

For me, viral videos today need to be emotionally compelling so it’s got to pull at the heartstrings.

Number one is emotion.

Number two, it’s gotta be practical.

There’s gotta be some practical insights where it’s consumed and people don’t just get inspired, they go, “Wow, I learned something from that.”

Sometimes you can watch an inspiring video and you go, “Ah man, that inspires, me. I wanna do something. What do I do?”

So videos that we produce that go viral inspire emotion in a way that’s beyond just motivation.

I think it was Zig Ziglar who said, “Motivation, in isolation, is useless.”

His theory is, if you’ve got an idiot and you motivate them, you’ve got a motivated idiot. But if you’ve got an idiot, and you educate them, and then you motivate them, then you’ve got an educated, motivated person than can go out and actually do something good.

So for me it’s not just how do I motivate, it’s how do I educate as well?

How do I actually create a gestalt in their brain by inspiring emotion within them. Significant emotional events are what last. That’s what connects people and talks to them.

And then how do I give them something that will create that emotional bang and connect it with something practical that they can execute and create real change.

If it’s just practical and they wake up tomorrow and forget. “Hmm, what was that about?”

If they wake up tomorrow and it was just motivational, “I’m not motivated anymore”.

But if they wake up the next day and they can remember it, it becomes accelerated learning. Add emotion to the experience, and you’ll retain the information at a much higher level, and it becomes more practical.

So, no I don’t set out to make a viral video. Viral videos come as a result of just documenting what I do on an everyday basis. But I do understand what makes them stick.

The key to producing viral videos is to keep producing. What’s gonna be viral? I don’t know what’s gonna be viral. But as long as I keep posting, I’ll find out.

Kerwin Rae