I don’t know about you but when I watch TV or social media videos, I’m not seeing an abundance of vulnerability.

I’m seeing an abundance of people trying to sell products, market products, generate interest, get opt-ins, but I’m seeing very few people show who they really are, show themselves.

Different aspects of business where I’ve worked before, I’ve almost felt like I’ve had to adopt a character just to be accepted, to get deals, to do things.

What I’m suggesting is, there’s the potential that you could get exactly the same outcome without trying to manage a stage show.

So, we talk about innovation in business and how innovation is really critical in order to grow.

Where do you think most people are looking when it comes to innovation? They’re looking to technology.

Should I be on periscope? I’m not even on Twitter.

Whereas, I personally believe that the next frontier of innovation in business has nothing to do with technology. My honest belief is, from what I am seeing, across many markets, in many businesses, in many industries, is the next greatest innovation that we’re going to see is the higher level of authenticity.

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A higher level of comfort around people expressing themselves about who they really are, not who they think they have to be to make someone happy that they don’t even know.

A higher level of genuine business owners marketing genuine business solutions.

When you are vulnerable it creates incredibly high levels of connection and that connection breeds an incredibly high level of trust.

What is critical when it comes to doing business either with your talent or with your clients?

Connection and trust

That’s what I believe will be the benefit of vulnerability or the consequence of genuine authenticity, that realness that everyone’s craving, a few people are getting and when they see it they flock to it.

I’m not suggesting that technology is irrelevant, but I am suggesting if you want to learn how to stand out, stop looking for the next greatest piece of technology and start looking within yourself and start finding ways you can start showing more of who you are at a higher level so that you can play a bigger game.

Kerwin Rae