Money, money, money! How to get more of it

If you want to understand the universe, then just understand frequency and vibration.

Tune your mind and your actions into the frequency and the vibrations of the things that you want and you will be able to attract them in abundance.

It works for anything and everything.

Not surprisingly, it’s money that people want more of. So how do we tap into the frequency and the vibrations of money in order to attract more of it?

Here are the three elements that you need to practise in order to attract more money.


There is a frequency of structure. And what does structure relate to? Structure relates to framework. Structure relates to systems and processes. Structure relates to how you organise your finances.

Do you have financial structures in place? Because there is a saying…the wealthy keep getting wealthier –  and there is a reason for that. And the reason is that wealthy people have structure in their lives which support the accumulation of money.

Money is attracted to structure. If you provide structure, that is one element that money adores and will flow towards.


The second element that money will flow towards is order. Order is a prioritisation. It means that there is a priority in your life, based on your actions and how you delegate your time and how you spend your time and how you invest your time.

Please understand this. If you want your business to grow then you must be willing to invest in it. The two most critical investments in a business are your time and your money.

If you invest zero dollars into your business, you will get a return of exactly zero dollars. Because that is what happens when you multiply zeros.


The last frequency to money, is appreciation. When an asset appreciates, what does it do? It grows. What does the word appreciate mean? It has a dual meaning – the first meaning of appreciate is to grow. The second is to be grateful. There is no accident. Money is attracted to growth environments and is especially attracted to environments where there is gratitude.

That’s what’s called an abundance mentality. Being thankful for what you have got because you have everything that you need, and when you have everything that you need, guess what you get? More.

But when you’re constantly upset and pissed off that you never have enough, all you’re doing is attracting more of that, more lack of.

If you can apply these three frequencies to your business and to your life, then you will attract more money than you will know what to do with. It’s as simple as that.

Kerwin Rae