Meditation 101

I closed out 2018 doing some really cool, deep deep meditations where it was great, blissful.

Meditation is the doorway that helps you connect with flow states, it becomes an invitation to connect with flow states regularly. It’s also taught me an awareness of distractions and what a zen vibe really feels like.

So, for me some of the benefits of meditation are

  • Knowing what a ‘flow state’ feels like
  • Heightening my awareness of distractions
  • Knowing what a very calm zen vibe is.

The benefit of flow states are that they help you maintain the highest levels of performance and output in an effortless way. Feeling that effortlessness and connection to flow states is a great place to be familiar with.

The research tells us that after four days of meditation our ability to get into flow states increases by 20 to 30 per cent. And look, flow states are the holy grail, it’s what everyone is looking for when they want to perform at their peak.

I’ve learnt from my meditation practice that distraction is normal, it’s not unusual. So, that’s another win of meditation, heightening your awareness of distractions, then letting them go.

What’s interesting is that I haven’t taught my son how to meditate per se, but he sees me doing it every morning and night. So when he’s with me he’s started modelling my behaviour. He does it in his own unique way.

As I’m meditating he’ll come and sit and meditate with me. He closes his eyes and puts his hands together and does his best to put on a good zen vibe – and that’s just him duplicating what he sees. He’s not even five years-old yet but he’s learning how to get into his zen vibe.

So for me the benefits of meditation are it’s a go-to routine practice that supports me do what I do.

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Kerwin Rae