Becoming a parent was one of the greatest gifts of my life and of many others’ too but most of us take fertility and sexual health for granted.

I brought on Dr Nat Kringoudis Hormone Revolutionist, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and all round fertility expert to discuss everything from contraceptives, to fertility issues, to the sex talk, and more.

For women and men of all ages, this is a conversation so crucial to understand that could benefit your health in an unexpected way. Check it out!

In this episode, you will learn:
    • 03:54 – How taking hormones & contraceptives affect young women’s health and fertility
    • 08:20 – The consequences of not having the sex talk with your kids
    • 10:43 – The problem with 14-year-old girls taking the contraceptive pill
    • 15:46 – Why are we experiencing generational issues with fertility?
    • 21:50 – Is contraception actually needed? And why men should also be aware of women contraception and fertility
    • 27:06 – How to talk about contraception, sexuality and fertility with our kids?
    • 40:23 – What’s the best way to have these conversations with our kids


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