Making quick decisions is a skill every entrepreneur must develop.

I have seen direct correlations between the time it takes for people make decisions in their business and the speed at which they grow.

This is how I do it:

One of the most important things in business that I’ve learned when it comes to scaling businesses quickly, is learning how to make decisions, lightning fast.

As an entrepreneur, the faster your business grows, the more decisions will be presented to you. And the longer you take to make them, the slower your business will grow.

So, you need to have a hack. You need to have a shortcut that allows you to make decisions quickly. For me, I trust my gut. I am so tuned in to what I know feels right, and when something doesn’t feel right, I trust it and I don’t do it.

And if something feels right and I do it, and it still goes wrong, I trust in the fact that it was meant to give me something. A lesson to serve me to get to the next level. One of the greatest things that you could do when it comes to growing your business is learn, practice, develop your intuition.

Develop your intuition and trust your gut. It’s used by the greatest, Branson, Oprah, Trump – God forbid.

Learn how to trust your gut, make decisions faster and learn how to scale quickly.

Kerwin Rae