12-26-Love yourself

Love is a synthesis of complementary opposites seen in synchronicity.

It’s where you can see the good in someone; the personality traits, behaviours, and expressions, and the bad in someone; the personality traits, behaviours, and expressions simultaneously – and be accepting.

Life is dual – that’s life.

There’s a duality to everything.

Every particle in your being, every particle in that desk, your phone and your drink right now. You accept it unconditionally because there’s no physiological reflection.

It’s when we have the proximity of others that we get the concept of projection and reflection. Then we see the reflection and projection of self – and others – and then judgement comes in, 90% of that judgement we perceive is self: self projected, self un-acceptance.

If you can learn how to master your relationship with self, Oh my God, it becomes so much easier to accept others.

The pathway to accepting others and connecting with others at the highest levels, is connecting with self.

You are flawed…

You are f***ing human.

There are good parts to your personality and bad parts to your personality. You can either love it and accept it, or you can judge it and hate it and that’ll be what you reflect and project when you meet other people that trigger you.

The people that trigger you are there by design to show you the work that needs to be done.

Imagine if you become aware of the people that trigger you and you become aware of the work that needs to be done, and…you do the work.

Imagine a super strong connection with self and a strong and constant acceptance of self.

Now, how is the pathway to connection and acceptance of others looking?

Do the work…feel the connection and the acceptance.


Kerwin Rae