Nail It & Scale It is for Business owners who are dissatisfied with their current results and simply want to accelerate growth and profit fast.

Nail It & Scale It delivers the very latest innovations in business growth strategies and actionable tactics that simply work and provide outstanding results through the implementation of strategies in the room while at the event often creating results before you even finish the course.

Unlike other trainings and seminars that at best have simply fragmented pieces of the puzzle of business Nail It & Scale It delivers practical learning and implementation that creates results fast.

Nail It & Scale It is specifically customised for business owners wanting to achieve fast growth and peak personal performance.


Discover the mindset required to grow a successful business and learn techniques to develop that mindset.


Learn the planning techniques and strategies that successful businesses use every day to grow their business.


Learn how to leverage social media and other marketing platforms to grow your audience and reach more prospects.


Learn and practice the tried and tested sales matrix and other strategies that I use to convert prospects.


Understand how to develop your leadership skills and empower your team to step up into leadership roles.

I have never been to a seminar with such actionable content, content that I can take away and implement immediately in my business.  I have learnt at least 3 strategies that I am extremely excited to put into my business straight away as I know they are going to add a huge amount of different to my bottom line.

Chris Farrell

Voted #1 Internet Marketer & Internet Marketing Service 2009-2014

I am an economist kind of a creative economist and we’ve been predicting trends for a long time.  I met Kerwin in Australia when I was touring there, brilliant man I was impressed right from the beginning.  But I have just spend a number of days with him in an intense seminar.  He helps businesses grow.  Any business that can grow at all at this time and generate cash and cash-flow are going to be King because their competition is going to fall away.  People like Kerwin are the people you need to talk to if you want to move from a Job into a business or take your business and better position it to grow.  This is the most important opportunity I see during this unique downturn.

Harry Dent

Renowned Economist and Best Selling Author

On the third day after the seminar did some deals and $300k straight away since then that has resulted in another $200k in sales and extra revenue.

Mick Taylor

CEO, Crane Brokers Australia

Simply brilliant..  I am walking away with an eBook and a sales letter.  So far on day 2 Kerwin found over £30,000 sitting right in the training room.  (Marilyn banked £5,000 by the end of the event)

Marilyn Devonish

Director, Trance Formations TM

During 1 exercise Kerwin created over $20,000 in sales for ME in the [training] room.

Sharon Byrne

Director, Nothing Beats Action

Kerwin has fast tracked my business success, saving me years and increasing my income many times over. When it comes to sales and marketing he is an expert that can really make a difference by making sometimes even small adjustments to what you are already doing to get massive results.

The earlier you get Kerwin involved in your business, the better off you will be

Chris Gray

CEO, Your Empire Buyers Agents, TV Presenter On Sky News 'Your Money' & 'The Renovators'

I just spent 3 days with Kerwin and I am blown away.  If you get the chance to spend an hour with him don’t miss the opportunity.  His stuff actually does put money in your pocket.  He has shown me 6 different processes that have literally blown away anything I have done in marketing and these are the things he can introduce to you.  Kerwin’s ability to show a step by step way to attract unbelievably profitable Joint Ventures is incredible.  I have had 500-600 of my students attend his trainings and I have not had one person that wasn’t blown away.  If you attend one of his talks you will get massive, massive value.

Jordan Belfort

JB Straight Line Systems

What I learnt about the Sales Matrix  and when I applied it in sales  I generated $100k in sales in 9 months by working just 1 day a week.

Leanne Stevenson

Director, Leanne Stevenson Horse Concepts

Over the last 3-4 years the industry had changed and our income had reduced dramatically.  We were doing profits of about $2,000-$3,000 a month prior to bumping into Kerwin.  February we did $3k March $7k April we moved it up to $30,000 USD profit!  We are so grateful we discovered him he’s been one of the gifts to us.

Andrew & Trish Riedel

CEO, SEO Web Magic

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