K2 Elite Mastermind is an Exclusive Business Accelerator that is by Application Only for business owners who are dissatisfied with the speed at which they are growing and the lack of support and direction available for small business owners.

The K2 Elite Team is dedicated to the ongoing delivery of the latest and most effective methods, tools, ongoing support, coaching and training available for small business owners. We work with the owner and their business creating the leadership framework and culture that attracts great talent and loyal clients.

Unlike other networks or business coaches K2 Elite is run by successful business owners for business owners looking to create a successful and sustainable fast growth environment.

K2 Elite focus on the 5 Key Areas Of Fast Growth:

1. Mindset

2. Planning

3. Marketing

4. Sales

5. Leadership

K2 Elite is in a league of its own and is only for serious business owners wanting to create substantial wealth through their business enterprise.

I have tripled my income since I joined K2 Elite in December which is 9 months ago and best of all that income is now passive and recurring.  It’s accelerated my business by about 5 years in 5 months.

Rachel Guy

CEO, Athletic Fox

It’s only 5 months in [since joining K2 Elite] and we have had our money doubled by being part of this group.  The plan is to have $10M [in revenues] by 2017 and we have a graph and we are already trending.

Luke & Melissa Krestensen

Owners, ICPrint

My business went from $150k – $2ooK a year and now just in the last 8 weeks $850K.  I have seen people double and triple their income and their business in this group absolutely.

Jason Simpson

CEO, Invest Positive

Since joining K2 I have doubled my business in 5 months.  So last financial year 2013/14 was a record year for me in the last 19 years in business.  The biggest benefit is I’m seeing results and it’s an absolute buzz!

Dave Jonkers & Sophie Nance

Director, WOW IT

In terms of turn over it has probably been worth about $100K so far and I expect that to increase more over time.

Ian Chivers

Managing Director, Native Seeds Ausralia

Financially I believe it has gone up [over all revenues] by about $125k over the last 9 months.  All the tools I have learnt over the last year will basically be with me for the rest of my life and be used across a whole variety of businesses .  So it’s invaluable.

Kim Evans

Director, K & C Evans Contracting

My business in the 9 months I have been in K2 Elite has actually tripled, so I have tripled in my sales and moved from me and 1 other staff member to 5 of us now.

Monica Brewer

Director, Business Freedom Group

The financial rewards of being apart of K2 are immeasurable I’m being put into a position now where next year we will be able to go thru a capital raise having not gone thru this process I would not be anywhere near ready to be able to do that nor at the scale we are intending to do it.

Simon Olgivie-Lee

CEO, Horizon HQ

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