Live. Before you die.

I don’t care what it is you choose to do; social media, life, love, fitness or whatever just get off your ass and do something.

The reality check here is that you don’t know when your clock is gonna run dry. So live now!

Most people think that they’re going to live forever, and they’re just not, and neither are you or I.

When you understand the relativity about the length of your life, the unknown, and the uncertainty about how long you could potentially live, that’s when you start to realise, “Oh fuck, I could only be here for another day”.

Some people might view that as scary but it’s a great realisation. It’s an awakened spirit and mentality.

We need to live while we’re alive, not wish we had when we’re facing death.

When you’re facing death, which I have on many occasions, I can tell you right now that you start thinking about all the things you wish you had done.

I feel very blessed with the gift of life I have now. I wake up every day with air in my lungs and blood in my veins, the ability to see, to walk, and even just pick up a pen.

It’s not until you lose some form of ability that you start to go, “Sh*t, I really took that sh*t for granted”.

Just wait until you almost lose your life and you start to realise all the things you’ve taken for granted.

So my advice is live now, really live and don’t tiptoe through life. Stop taking short cuts, stop putting things off until later, because later may become never.

Most people tiptoe through life because they’re hoping to get to death safely. They’re only living to die.

My question is, how are you gonna live while you are alive?


Kerwin Rae