Now I believe that there are signs everywhere and this could just been wordplay, but if we look at the word heart, within it is the word ear.

The heart sends 16 times more information to the brain than the brain actually sends to the heart.

The heart is in a constant flow of communication with the brain and it’s actually sending larger volumes of information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

The heart actually has 100,000 times the electrical charge than any other organ in the body.

It is the only organ that has significant enough electrical charge to imprint information on the morphogenic field, which is the field from which you omit to the environment around you.

The heart has its own central nervous system, and the heart, brain and stomach are made of neural tissue and those three are all connected.

So that’s why sometimes you feel things in your gut, and you say, ‘In my gut, I feel this is the wrong thing to do.’

The heart, the brain and the stomach are absolutely connected.

Our heart is here to listen.

It’s been purported through history, listen to your heart.

Listen to your heart.

It’s telling you everything you need to know.


Kerwin Rae