Life lesson 101: ‘This too shall pass’

One of my favorite life lesson quotes is, ‘This too shall pass’. It’s a guiding reminder that everything in this human experience is transient. There’s an upside and a downside to it.

Good old duality, my faithful friend is here again.

Yeah, look, we all have good shit that goes on and we all have bad shit that goes on. Some of us get dealt more of one than the other, and that’s… it is what it is, and whatever it is – it is ours to love, manage and ultimately deal with as gratefully and gracefully as we can.

I think it’s important to remind myself, and for us to constantly remind each other that regardless of how good the situation is, it’s gonna pass. That is just a given that nothing is static. So, enjoy it while it lasts.

So, I also think it’s reassuring that no matter how bad the situation is I can relax because this too, is also gonna pass. I find that a really strong upside.

There’s gonna be some good stuff, and that’s gonna pass, and then there’s gonna be some bad stuff, and yeah for me it’s just – this too shall pass.

For me this phrase represents faith.

It represents this undying, this knowing, this faith that everything is gonna be okay. It’s all just temporary.

So, the comfort is whether you’re in the midst of an incredibly painful breakup with the person who you thought was the one (from personal experience), or your business is going down the toilet (from personal experience), you will look back on that experience as being one of the most rewarding experiences of your life if you have the right perspective, and if you have faith (from personal experience!).

Every experience you have in your life happens by virtue to serve you. The real question here is, are you conscious enough, to be aware of the service that is being given? All I can say here is, meditation helps with this.

What you’re being given in that moment is exactly what you’ve asked for to get you where you want to, ultimately, go.

What’s happening is happening for a reason, and that’s only gonna be of service to you reaching your higher purpose – whatever that is.

Have faith bro! ‘This too shall pass’.

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Kerwin Rae