Jacinta McDonell

Life after building the Australian Anytime Fitness empire 

What would it be like to be a part of one of the most dominant fitness brands in Australia? Jacinta McDonell would know. She’s the co-founder of a brand you’ve probably heard of – Anytime Fitness Australia, as well as the founder of not-for-profit Human Kind Project and a yoga studio called W1LL.

With over 500 clubs in Australia and half a million Australian members, this has not been an easy journey but we explore just how she became the powerhouse she is today. We also get to know more about her spirituality and her legacy through her family and her philanthropic projects. If you’ve ever wanted to delve into the mind of this remarkable entrepreneur, this is your chance, don’t miss it!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 3:10 – A Family Affair
  • 9:55 – The growth of Anytime Fitness Australia
  • 17:32 – The importance of consciousness
  • 20:46 – Franchising, exits, and investments
  • 25:55 – The Human Kind Project
  • 38:542 – What does your legacy look like?