Sales is one of those skills that, as an entrepreneur, you’ve just got to learn how to master it. If you don’t learn how to master sales then you are behind the eight ball.

Because the reality is if you can’t get someone interested, or if you can’t get someone over the line who wants to buy your product or service, then you won’t make money. And money is the oxygen for business.

And the truth is, that the biggest challenge that most people have when it comes to selling, is they come into the sales environment or they come into every environment with this lack, this desperation or this neediness.

And I think we’ve all been in that situation before whether it be a sales environment or a networking event. When you speak to someone and they come up and you can just feel this desperation.

And the first thing we think of is, “How the hell can I get out of here as quickly as possible?”

And when you hear that response that’s a signal of threat. When your body perceives, when your brain perceives threat, the first thing it thinks of is, “How do I get out of here as quickly as possible?”

So, we need to understand, first of all, when is neediness present and if it’s present, what are the three things that we can do that can eradicate it really quickly, so that we can increase the likelihood and the probability of having a good outcome here? Or having a good connection. Or a good sales presentation, or a good sales meeting in this situation, as well.

So there are three things you can do to eradicate neediness.

The first thing, is want nothing. Walk into every situation completely satisfied that you have more than enough in your life right now and you have this air of charisma.

The second thing, only focus on your strength. There is nothing worse than someone trying to go into an area that they know nothing about, and they fumble and they fall and they look like an idiot.

Focus on, and entertain, the conversations where you have strong skill sets. And don’t participate if the conversation isn’t about what you are good at or what your specialty is, or your genius is.

And the third thing is, you know, demonstrate your willingness, demonstrate the ability to walk away from the sales encounter, or the social encounter at a moment’s notice at any point it doesn’t feel right. Especially if you’re in a situation if someone is disrespecting you as a salesperson, or disrespecting you as a human being.

So many people will put up with so much sh*t from other people, just because they hope that this person will change their mind and they’ll buy. At any point it doesn’t feel right, you should stand up and walk out. Whether that’s because of the way that you’re being treated or because you can’t actually help them based on the issues they’ve got, or for any reason that doesn’t feel right.

Because the leaders in this world, the alphas in this world, the people that others want to follow are the ones that demonstrate strength. And walking out in a situation like that demonstrates enormous levels of strength.

So eradicate neediness, those three things. You’ll kill it.

Kerwin Rae