Melissa Abu-Gazaleh

It’s time to talk about young men’s mental health

Young men today face a very real problem, mental health and the stigma surrounding it. We all have a role to play when it comes to building a safer community, and The Top Blokes Foundation is helping to educate young men about mental health and how to open up about it. Today, their CEO and Founder, Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, is on the podcast talking about how we can educate and bring guidance to young boys right through to adulthood. For anyone with a young man in their life who needs support, you need to start having this conversation.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 7:26 – The problem with young men’s mental health
  • 10:15 – How Top Blokes Foundation works with young males
  • 14:00 – The key factors that lead to mental health issues in men
  • 19:18 – The importance of using correct language when talking about mental health to kids
  • 26:54 – How do you talk to boys about pornography?
  • 32:20 – The deal with masculinity in the modern age
  • 41:23 – Teaching better decisions making skills around risk taking