Is COVID-19 changing our future?

What will the world look like post-COVID 19? How it has impacted our society? But more importantly, how will this impact our future? These were some of the ideas we explore in this episode of Unstoppable where I speak with world-renowned futurologist Rocky Scopelliti.

Rocky has appeared on SKY Business News, The Australian Financial Review, ABC Radio National, The Economist, Forbes and Bloomberg. His book ‘Australia 2030! – Where the bloody hell are we?’ is the first major study of Australian professional’s attitudes toward the decade ahead conducted before and during the eye of the COVID-19 storm. His research on digital technology associated with Millenials has influenced the way we think about our social, cultural, economic, and technological future.

Digital is here to stay and Rocky is here to share his predictions. Are you ready to hear what the future will bring? You can’t miss this one!

In this episode, you will learn:
    • 00:00 – Rocky’s path to becoming a futurologist
    • 12:27 – How Rocky saw a pandemic coming
    • 19:45 – How we will reflect, looking back, in the year 2030
    • 25:54 – Predictions of a post-COVID-19 world
    • 37:12 – How will these changes impact our health?
    • 41:12 – Future technologies, VR & our digital lives
    • 47:01 – Human contact in a digital future
    • 52:06 – Privacy, security & governments after COVID-19
    • 1:02:07 – Let’s talk conspiracy theories
    • 1:07:44 – What to do when a society loses trust in the governments?
    • 1:10:48 – Is a universal income the answer to unemployment?

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