Taryn Williams

Influencers – How to find the right fit 

On this episode of Unstoppable, get the low down on influencer marketing from someone who’s been in the business for over a decade. Founder of influencer agency The Right Fit, and modelling agency WINK Models, Taryn Williams is not only an expert in influencer marketing, she also has a brilliant business mind.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 9:55 The importance of investing in culture and how to do this from outside the office
  • 19:07 The influencer low down – who they are, and how to get the most impact
  • 29:52 What you need to know before developing your influencer strategy
  • 35:12 How to run 2 successful businesses
  • 47:08 Recruitment lessons in hiring and how to identify high performers



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The cure to stress, pain and complaining | Angela Simson

Gratitude is seeing more of what you have rather than what you lack. Angela Simson, creator of The Gratitude Project, comes on this week’s ep of Unstoppable to share just how she broke the loop of stress to tap into a state of appreciation for the things that truly matter most. If you want to bring more gratitude into your life, relationships, parenting, or your personal growth and development, then this episode is the one for you.

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