Monica Meldrum

Improve your life by understanding what you’re eating

Do you know if you’re poisoning your kids? Monica Meldrum, founder and CEO of Whole Kids an Australian-owned organic food company, comes on this week’s ep of Unstoppable to discuss the importance of understanding what’s in our food and “unjunking” our lifestyle. In fact, the entire foundation of Whole Kids is in creating a happier, healthier world for kids and Monica lets us know her unique journey in finding this purpose – her ‘why’. We also talk about handling the constant battle as the mouse in a lion’s industry, and how she manages business with a husband in the business as well as 2 young kids. So, if you want to impact the world but don’t know how yet, this is one not to miss.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 2:43 – The happiest place in the world
  • 13:21 – Why focusing on Purpose matters in the hard times
  • 27:28 – Being the “Mouse That Roars”
  • 34:13 – How to affect change in your family and the world46:58 – How social media is changing the game



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