Humour in the workplace is a must

I have a high regard for humour in the workplace and in business.

To me business is a way of life, it’s not just something I tap in and out of, so it’s important to create an environment where people feel like they can have fun.

Because work should be fun. And if it’s not, maybe you’re doing the wrong thing.

We use a lot of humour on a very regular basis for a whole range of reasons. I think humour is a great way to really connect and bond with people.

I find it just allows people to relax and it helps people to lower defences.

Because who would agree that when you crack a joke, it can break the ice in a high tension situation?

Humour creates space for fun and authenticity. But not only that, laughter actually reduces stress and anxiety, and in some cases, even strengthens our immune system.

I think the biggest challenge I have is the inappropriate level of my humour because sometimes I have no filter.  We even have a code word, and whenever I’m close to taking it too far, myself or a team member will yell, ‘Pineapple’ and then we all just burst into laughter because we know where it was headed.

But you know, you spend 8-10 hours a day in the office five days a week.  We’re spending most of our lives there, so for me humour is really important. Why not lighten the load and have a bit of fun.

So the question is, have you had a good laugh today?

Kerwin Rae