Dr John Demartini

How to unleash your full potential 

This week on Unstoppable, I talk to one of my earliest mentors who has played a key part in shaping who I am today, Dr John Demartini.

He is a human behavioural specialist, educator and author who has studied nearly 300 academic disciplines in order to maximise human potential and performance in all areas of life.

Listen to find out how you can empower yourself to master your future instead of being a victim of your past.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 1:25 – High school dropout to worldwide respected researcher
  • 6:24 – The one thing that can help boost your performance to the next level
  • 23:07 – How you can take back control of your life
  • 41:05 – The key to living your life’s purpose
  • 54:09 – Why there is no loss in death

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