Question: I’m in startup phase right now, and I want to know how I can regulate so that I don’t have burnout. What do I do in the startup phase because I find that I’m working really long hours and I’m getting results. But I know that my body can’t handle it.

Answer: Okay, you’re in start up phase? So this is a different conversation. By virtue of what a startup has to do, a startup basically has to do an enormous level of work, in order to get to a level where they have a level of sustainability so that they can back off.

At least, the first 12-18 months, this is what your life is going to be like and this is what is required. However, you have the unfair advantage because you understand what regulation is, even by virtue of the question you just said, “How do I regulate?”

You know what regulation is. The only thing I would suggest to you during this period that you have to work this hard, because you’re in startup land, and we’ve all been there – welcome to first grade – is, how do I do this in a way that is going to decrease the likelihood of that entrepreneurial burnout?

You should be making sure that you take the time to breathe deeply a couple times every day. You should be making sure that you are at least doing something to maintain a level of physical health. And you should be taking a few hours every week where you just go and do nothing and just defrag.

Take care of yourself.

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Kerwin Rae